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Join us this Sunday

9:15 Meditation  10AM Service

"Aligning Your Values with Your Actions"

Rev. Suzette Wehunt   
with the Talents of  Teri Wilder & Cassie Morris
It is one thing to recognizeIt  is one thing to recognize what values you possess and to admit that some (or all) of them may not bring you the meaning, fulfillment, and happiness you had hoped for in your life. It is an entirely different thing to understand what values will actually bring you the life you want. This process is one of reconstruction of your values so that your values act as the basis for that “ideal life” in the future.

"At the center of our being there is a Divine Person, a unique incarnation of God.  This is the Source of all real inspiration; here, and here alone, at the center of our being, is the real Creative Power.  The question is whether we are living from this center, or whether we are thinking of ourselves as detached, separated, divided, along, and inadequate.  We all have direct access to the Infinite Presence, the Universal Person.  There could be no more beautiful thought than that the Divine Spirit Itself, infinite as It is, is also within us."

Living the Science of Mind 172

Join our friendly, loving community as we explore deeper into this topic and how it applies in your life. Join us in our new location where our Sanctuary is larger, more parking and so much more.  Om Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive spiritual community welcoming all people of all ages and faiths.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Join us on Sunday at 10am, to explore how you can BE an active part of this message and discover your own truth .
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Congratulations to our
Graduates & Teachers

Natasha Eckholm,  Christina Veronica Nunos,  Rev. Sharon Hudson,  
Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  Sophia Ekwosi,  Mary Lawrence Hard

Summer Class

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Class 
Starts:  July 10th                  How Long: 8 Weeks              Time:  6:30 - 9PM
Cost:  $100.00 & Commitment for the entire 8 weeks
This is a wonderful class based on the book,  “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine  Ponder.    We will explore:
~  Beliefs around Prosperity  ~  Law of Creating More ~ Writing a Prosperity / Abundance Plan  ~ Working through Mental Blocks  ~  Our Attitude about Money ~ Failure, Criticism & Expectation  ~  Ancient Spiritual Laws of Giving  ~  Prosperity & Love  ~  Listening to Intuition & that Still Small Voice ,  and much more...
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