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Welcome to Om Center for Spiritual Living



At 10AM the Live Broadcast will start on the Om Website. Plese note we have changed the position of the camera so that you are a part of the audience and have reserved a seat under the camera just for you...welcome all!

 Please be aware that you may be joining us while we are in meditation and or during the live music.   Note, these are LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTS,  of our entire service from 10 am until the last song.  Know that you are a vital part of our congregation and that we acknowledge your presence each week.  You can now meditate, sing along,  watch the Powerpoint Presentation and any video's we may show during the service.  You can expand the image two ways; full screen  or  click on the arrow below the live presentation and the image will expand across the left and right viewing of your screen.  The imaging is very clear and almost TV like,  so enjoy our service,  the music and the community.

Thank you for joining our service.

Many Blessings,  Rev. Suzette 



How To Bring Happiness Word Puzzle - CLICK ON THIS LINK

Sunday Programs Notation 

Sunday Talks are available within 2-3 days for your viewing.  Scroll the bar of the "Live Player Notification" to select the specific Sunday Program to view.  


Please let your friends know we are Now Live Every Sunday!

Thank You for contributing to Om Center for Spiritual Living, know that your support is greatly appreciated and your conscious Tithe and/or donation makes a difference for our Center and the Spiritual Community it serves.  Please click the icon to the left to place a donation.  
All contributions are tax deductable.
Much Love, 
Rev. Suzette