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Could this be

  what you think?


* We are all made in the image and likeness of God.

* We all have the potential for wholeness and we are responsible for our choices and actions.

* Daily Spiritual Practice helps us in every aspect of our lives, to be more peaceful and happy.

* God is all there is in the Universe and there is only one Power.

* Whatever you think... you can create because thoughts are "things".

* God, Life, the One Source is for me and not against me.


At Om you are lovingly welcomed here no matter where you may be on your spiritual path. As you create the Life you want, we are here to support you. Our classes teach the tools needed to connect to the Divine Consciousness within.

We do not tell you which beliefs to have, you express what the Divine means to you. We encourage you to bring forth all your knowledge and experiences as no one is as unique as you, and we honor that!



Our philosophy is based in Religious Science, founded in 1927, by Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes. There is no conversion or dogma here. Our message is that you can have peace, create the Life you want , AND that you can start TODAY!
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Rev. Suzette


Our Senior Minister

Rev. Suzette Wehunt, graduated from the Holmes Institute School of Ministry in 2005 and was Ordained in 2008. Her passion led her to create Om Center for Spiritual Living from the ground up. An excellent speaker, she brings a joyful process to spiritual discovery. She believes that as you tap into your inner potential you will realize and become an expression of God to others and the entire world. Rev. Suzette works to support the community of La Mesa with our outreach programs and more. You will find her an inspiration and compassionate counselor.



Om Center for Spiritual Living in La Mesa is headed by Rev. Suzette Wehunt.  I am a participating member of Om.  We frequently do a “process” after the weekly message.  The process consists of contemplating a series of questions posed by the Reverend.  We jot down our responses then divide into groups of 2 or 3.  We then choose to share with our group mates and discuss our responses to the questions.  The group we share with is always made up of just the right people.  We voice our ideas, concerns, hopes and desires.  Sharing really is caring… about ourselves and others.  We can share out to the whole group on an individual basis if we wish.  We end the process with a summation and prayer by the Reverend.  After the service is over, we have the opportunity to consult with a Science of Mind Practitioner for an affirmative prayer, if we so choose.  This series of activities offers us an chance to integrate the message of the day with like minded people and within ourselves. 





I often write down comments of my group members on the exercise sheet alongside my own to integrate their thoughts too.  I save my written responses and refer back them periodically.  I often find that I have taken action on past processes.  Very often, I continue to work on the issues  brought out by the processes at Om.  The “processes” at Om Center continue to help me on an ongoing basis.  Thank you Om! 

Margaret Klingensmith

Om is all inclusive, we welcome people of all faiths and ages. We deplore judgement or prejudice towards others, no matter what their race, beliefs, or sexual orientation. We are not affiliated with Christian Science or Scientology, but we are part of the Worldwide Centers for Spiritual Living a 501C3. 
Join us....

Each Sunday Gathering

Meditation starts at 9:15 am, enjoy this silent retreat into a still place in your Mind and Heart.

Service starts at 10am with Rev. Suzette or Guest speakers. Be inspired by the live music and fellowship with like minded positive people.

Our classes teach you how to tap into the power of positive thought, prayer and meditation. Classes cover many aspects of life, from Prosperity, Inner Discovery, World Religions, Spiritual philosophies to creating healthy Relationships.

Our Prayer Practitioners are available after Sunday Service or by appointment to support you in claiming your highest potential. Om CSL is an ACTIVE Center and there is always something going on to help you Create THE LIFE you want!




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