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webassets/horseOfSun.jpgwebassets/WoundedHeroProject.jpg Volunteers Needed

 Saturday February 18th,  2017  from 10-3.   Volunteering is needed for helping the kids plant their own seeds, put helmets on for pony rides, help with parking, perhaps even go on a nature hike with the kids along the Pine Creek canyon which is flowing well after our recent rain and snow storms. We provide lunch which is catered by our local Descanso Junction.  

Contact Suzi  Zielinski      Program Director

Horse of the Sun Ranch    Pine Valley, CA
Please RSVP at 




Dale Elementary Support Program

Om begins this year as a Sponsor to Dale Elementary for Breakfast bars, Can Drive, Shoe & Children Under Garment needs. We invite you to donate as each program is announced. Join us in supporting this school and the children that attend. For more information contact Mary Hard, RScP @ mhard003@gmail.com.



New Alternative Group Home

The mission of New Alternatives- Transitional Housing Program Plus (THP+) is to assist and empower former foster and probation youth as they transition into adulthood by providing safe and affordable housing and comprehensive, individualized support services. As a participant-driven program, THP+ supports youth in fostering their unique talents. THP+ affords participants the greatest amount of freedom while actively working toward personal goals.

Om had the privilege of Co-Sponsoring New Alternative's Christmas Party and look forward to offering additional programs in 2016. More information to follow.


Christmas 2016  

This year Om was honored to sponsor a family, (mom and 3 children, + read on) who originally lived in Gulfport, Mississippi and was displaced when their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Not only was ther  home destroyed, but also the mothers business which she owned 2 car lots.  At the time they were promised  financial support from FEMA to relocate to San Diego where there was additional family members.  So they got in one of the flooded cars and drove to San Diego.  When they got here, they  never received any  financial support from FEMA. 


In 2015, the mother found out her brother’s 4 children were being removed from his home because of  family problems.  Since that time,  she has taken on the responsibility of also taking care of 4 young children; a  5 year old, Twins 4 years old and a 2 year old.  She has been promised financial support from the county but has only received a little. The family has an old van, which needs a lot of  mechanical work.  The mother would like to return to work but has no money to pay for childcare so she continues to stay at home with the children.  She is a very proud woman and has always worked since she was young.   It is with an open heart that we adopt this family and create a Christmas they will never forget.

We are delighted that we fulfilled this families christmas list and so much more.  I want to Thank the Om CSL family for all the gifts  and making this possible.  Rev. Suzette

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  • 1.  Create your own anonymous act of kindness for someone.
    2.  Leave a smile card behind to encourage them to pay-it-forward.
    3.  Share your story here to spread the inspiration.
    4.  Change the world, one kind act at a time
 WE BELIEVE in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness and the eternal Givingness of Life to All.  
                                           - Ernest Holmes ,  Declaration of Principles 
If you would like to obtain our Acts of Kindness Cards, please contact us at 858.213.7061. 

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Supporting Our Homeless Youth 

We hear a lot about the homeless population in San Diego, especially families with children and veterans.  But an often invisible and underserved group is "transitional aged youth"--those between the ages of 17 and 25.
Urban Street Angels, a non-profit organization, works to provide immediate services and supplies to such young people, through a Tuesday night shelter in North Park (offering dinner, haircuts, showers, clothing and hygiene supplies, medical attention, community referrals, and a safe place to sleep); as well as a Friday night outing in Ocean Beach, offering dinner and supplies.  The Tuesday night shelter is limited to 23 young people, and is very often filled to capacity.
But the organization's intention is "a hand up, not a hand out."  The overnight shelter allows volunteers to begin to establish relationships and rebuild trust with the guests, many of whom are given the opportunity, when they are ready, to become involved with 8West, a program that provides housing (funded by the County of San Diego) and employment in a high-end bar soap business.   




Om collected and gifted 23 backpacks with essential items to Urban Street Angels just before Christmas.  Our intention in 2017 is to be more involved with the organization.  If you want more information contact Rev. Suzette directly at 858.213.7061 . Learn more at www.urbanstreetangels.org and www.8west.org.



Designated Donations are distributed throughout the year,  feel free to donate and let us know which organization you would like us to support.  This is a tax deductible contribution and you will receive a letter for each donation.  
Thank you and many Blessings,  Rev. Suzette 



One Team~One Heart~One Mission

Carrying for Our Community 


At Om Center For Spiritual Living, we would like to introduce you to our Om Community Care Team for the benefit of one and all members of our congregation.  If you are faced with illness, job loss, an upcoming hospital stay, sickness of a family member, friend, a pet you love, or you feel like you need support for any reason, please let us know. We are here to support you!  Reverend Suzette Wehunt is director of the Om Community Care Team.   If you have a specific need or a prayer request, please feel free to  email the OM COMMUNITY CARE TEAM at  revsuzette@yahoo.com.   Please note that all requests and prayer support is confidential.



Most Americans admit to having more stuff than they use on a daily, even yearly, basis. Shoes and clothes lay un-worn in the bottom of drawers and baskets. But what good is doing other than taking up space? Are these truly sentimental items or are you just too busy to deal with them?   The  Shoes With Heart, project  we collected gently worn, used and new shoes. This footwear assisted in an amazing economic boost by creating micro-enterprise opportunities in developing nations like Haiti and many parts of Latin America and Africa. Instead of holding on to the items we no longer wear or use, Shoes with a Heart gives them new life and repurpose them to change lives in remote communities around the globe.  Last year Om Collected over 2200 paris of shoes from the local community and our congregants. The majority of the shoes were cleaned up, recycled and re-distributed to those in need all over the world.  

How to use an "Acts of Kindness Card"
At Om we feel that everyone can do small acts that can change the world.  We have created a card that you can use at any time... all we ask is that you pass it on...all acts of kindness and compassion are welcome. 

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Thank You for contributing to our Holiday and Community Outreach programs.