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Musical Talent

Monthly Performers

Cassie Morris                      Talia

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               Christina Veronica





 cahillDelene.jpg Cahill & Delene

 Barry Cahill and Delene St. Clair — husband and wife in every aspect of the terms. Their marriage has united them spiritually, emotionally and artistically. The liner notes document what the music implies — that this couple speaks with one voice from one heart and one soul. The music and the sound design resonate with messages of love, peace, serenity and harmony.

The music has something for everybody. Barry and Delene have been influenced by jazz, rock, folk, R&B and world musics. The soundscapes range from hard rock to gentle new age. Barry’s vocal exhibits a wide range from Dylan to Becker and Fagan and many points in between.


Founding Om
Music Director
Daniel is a world renowned Tenor, Composer and has thrilled audiences throughout the world. On a personal note Daniel hosts a bi-monthly New Thougth Spiritual Group called "Inner Circle" (More info on our SOM Community Events Page) and is the founder of H.M. Artist Foundation that assist and works with artist of all kinds - singers, painters, musicians, sculptures, poets, philosophers, inventors, and composers. The foundations  passion and mission is to assist the artistic to discover and Express the Genius! (more information can be found   http://www.hmartistfoundation.com/)  We have been thrilled and honored to have Daniel bless Om Center for Spiritual Living with his renound talents.

Christi.jpg Christi Gilardi

From 2005 to 2012, Christy performed as the Music Director and Musician at Shiloh Spiritual Center in San Diego. She has also performed at Universal Spirit Center and other sister churches through the past 10 years.

Christy began playing with the idea of spontaneous song creation, writing songs on Sunday morning for Sunday morning. She has many songs that resulted from this process. These songs are simply expressions of positive thinking and universal principles, meant to be sung with, and used for meditation and uplifting your Spirit.   
"Good Mornin'!  It's a new day!
It's a beautiful new day!"

This page is devoted to all the Musical talent we have in our Spiritual community.... each week we add information on each artist and a link to their website.  Join us in supporting their works and efforts to make our Spiritual Communities richer because of the talents they offer!

Teriwilder4.jpgTeri Wilder
Teri is an accomplished Gong Master, singer, songwriter, and performer. After years of singing and writing music with a positive message, she understands the power of bringing good vibrations into peoples' lives. Her passion for sound healing brought her to the gong, which has transformed her life with a new depth of vibrational experiences. She travels the country with her Songs & Gongs, sharing the music and sounds that support wholeness, well-being, creativity, and peace.

claudia.jpg Claudia Previn Stasny

Her earliest memory of singing is at about 6, harmonizing with her mother, a professional jazz and big band singer Betty Bennett (now married to legendary jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe). In spite of many church and school choirs and a couple of decades of theatre, for early rare solos she wore a long dress to hide her knocking knees. The limitless joy she feels while singing has proved stronger than fear, and her father being world-renowned musician Andre Previn probably makes it a genetic must.
In the workaday world Claudia is a successful editor for grad students and professors, writes marketing and website copy, and is a spiritual counselor. She is happily married with local drummer-percussionist Jeffrey Stasny.
She is a popular soloist in and beyond San Diego County, primarily in New Thought spiritual centers. She's working on a solo CD that will showcase her favorite jazz, gospel and spiritual songs. She sits in with local bands, and sings jazz standards in restaurants and clubs around San Diego.
Her life has music, art, joy, love, courage and passion in it. Claudia says, "I'm living my dream: I'm living out loud."


shawnmadden.jpg  Shawn Madden

Welcome to the land of the Misfit Genius.  The Fun and Amazingly Talented....read on

Oh, I'm not talking about me, as in "I'm a genius", or "I'm a misfit". Please. I'm very clear that to tout oneself as such is folly at best, ridiculous at worst. No, I'm talking about something else entirely. I'm talking about a QUALITY of being that you and I both possess. In spades. I'm talking about the Misfit Genius as that entity within you and I that doesn't fit in with "normal", "average", or "expected" ways of being - yet holds MASSIVE genius in its core.  I'm talking about the creative spirit, the joyful playful experimental energy, the ALIVENESS, that dwells within each of us - and oftentimes gets squashed, neglected, and downright damaged. You're here because you're attracted to that quality in whatever it was that brought you here. And you're attracted to that quality because you possess it in equal measure. What you will find here is nothing more than a reflection of your own Misfit Genius - and an explicit invitation to EMBRACE, EXPLORE, and downright FLAUNT your flavor! Me? I'm just a man navigating all of the pitfalls that come up in the course of my own exploration. I sing with it, I speak through it, and I make things that help others do the same.


John Cain 

With terrific musicianship, singing in five languages and with a unique brand of humor John Cain is always fun and entertaining.

JOHN CAIN is a musician, composer, author, teacher, singer, entertainer, and motivational speaker. He plays piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, and accordion. In addition to live performances he gives educational seminars on the history of jazz, Latin music, and classical music. He has recently been on tour performing and promoting his new book "Life's A Good Gig."


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