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 Wisdom Council & Sacred Service Team

Activity               Name                           eMail

Ministerial          Rev. Suzette  Wehunt             revsuzette@yahoo.com

Ministerial    Rev. Sharon Hudson   hudsonlight@cox.net

Council     Laura Diaz            ldiaz51@cox.net

Council                 Tom Norwood                  califgrey@live.com

Council             Margaret Klingensmith  maklingen@cox.net

Council             Brenda Williams   i4modern@yahoo.com

Council Maveh Vissers  ammaearthmama@gmail.com

Membership        Annette Temple             annetemp62@att.com 

Music  Director Christina Veronica xtinav@aol.com

Sunday Op Mgr    Victoria Freed mscarfix@gmail.com

Wednesday Night Prgm      Cheryl Sison       siscon@yahoo.com

Program Starts in January,  Contact Cheryl if you are interested in participating 

Bookstore    Maveh Vissers  ammaearthmama@gmail.com

Technology       Martin Norwood martnor57@hotmail.com

Course In Miracle Barbara Wiese barbawiese@yahoo.com



Name  Phone      eMail

Debra Kerrigan          858.213.5352 ddkerrigan@aol.com

Steve Cooper     619.869.1833 (Retired) stevecooper3000@gmail.com

Natasha Eckholm     760.580.3294 nbm4@me.com

Candace Knowlan       805.886.6959 love.light.n.joy@gmail.com

Rev. Sharon Hudson   619.894.7994 hudsonlight@cox.net

Rev. Suzette Wehunt     858.213.7061 revsuzette@yahoo.com

Sophia Ekwosi 619.713.3005   nkechi_ek@yahoo.com

Christina Veronica              619.920.8673        xtinav@aol.com


If you would like to volunteer to be on any of our Sacred Service Teams, please contact Victoria Freed.  All talents are welcome.