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Om Center for Spiritual Living

Join us this Sunday
9:15 Meditation  10AM Service

"99 Years of Private Lessons" 
with Rev. Suzette Wehunt
Music of Christy Gilardi

Never before has the world needed our message more.  Emmanuel Swedenborg stated: “Before anything is brought back into order, it is quite normal for it to be brought first into a kind of confusion, a virtual chaos.  In this way, things that fit together badly are severed from each other; and when they have been severed, then the Lord arranges them in order.”  We can see the same relevance today.  It is clear that something new is trying to emerge on this planet. We can be an important part of calling that newness forward as we continue to stand for a world that works for all.   

Ernest Holmes says,  “Your final emancipation will be written by your own hand… thought by your own mind… recognized as your own birthright.”  Love and Law, p. 27

Join our friendly, loving community as we explore deeper into this topic and how it applies in your life. Join us in our new location where our Sanctuary is larger, more parking and so much more.  Om Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive spiritual community welcoming all people of all ages and faiths.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Join us on Sunday at 10am, to explore how you can BE an active part of this message and discover your own truth .

Join us for LIVE STREAMING  at 10:15 am 
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San Diego IANDS Presents on April 1st from 1:30 - 4:00 -
Richard Martini - Going Home 
SIGN UP FOR "Power of Your Word" Certificated Class
Singing Meditation with Talia - Tuesday 6:30  April 4th
Entertainment Night - Didgeridoo Wednesday 6:30pm  April 5th
"DreamBuilders" Series with Laura Diaz Saturday 10:30am
Course In Miracle Tuesday 10am April 11th
MasterMind Support Group - Tuesday 6:30pm April 11th
Minister's Wednesday "Anything Goes"  6:30pm April 12th
Visit our Website for more details www.omspiritualcenter.org

2nd "99 Years of Private Lessons" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt
Music Christy Gilardi
 9th Palm Sunday "The Science of Absolute" with Mary Lawrence Hard,  
Music Christina & Cassie
 16th  Easter Sunday "The Science of Christ" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  
Music Christina & Talia
 23rd  "Dealing with Conditions" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,
Music Jim Bianchi
 31st  "The Joy of Living" Practitioner Sunday
Music Christina & Cassie

Om Center for Spiritual Living
7951 University Ave
La Mesa,  CA 91942
Overflow Parking is available in the Social Security Parking lot next to our Center

Blessings to All & Thank You for your Continued Support!
Much Love,  Rev. Suzette


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Rev. Suzette Wehunt .  7951 University Ave  La Mesa,  CA 91942  858.213.7061