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How wonderful to commune with the Divine through song... click on the picture above to hear  

Hallelujah by  Pentatonix

~A cry for mankind~
Have a great weekend!  Much Love, 
Rev. Suzette

Om Center for Spiritual Living

Join us this Sunday

9:15 Meditation  10AM Service

"Prayer Through Song"

Rev. Jerry Troyer,  Staff Minister
with the Talents of Claudia & Cassie
Let us open our hearts,  sing the songs of love and allow Spirit to be our moment by moment guide.  There is nothing to stop this amazing opportunity,  but ourselves. One thing I do when I am experiencing a difficult day, or listening to the news and get caught up in it all,  I make myself shift to listening to music.  This always lifts me up and sets a new course.  If you did not open the link above,  do so now and just listen to the heart felt harmonies this group evokes.  You don't even have to hear the words, just the sounds of God moving through them... it is beautiful.

Life has set the stamp of individuality on you. You are different from any other person who ever lived. You are an individualized center in the Consciousness of God. You are an individualized activity in the Action of God.  
~ Ernest Holmes [Thoughts Are Things 1967 P. 79.1]

Join our friendly, loving community as we explore deeper into this topic and how it applies in your life. Join us in our new location where our Sanctuary is larger, more parking and so much more.  Om Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive spiritual community welcoming all people of all ages and faiths.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Join us on Sunday at 10am, to explore how you can BE an active part of this message and discover your own truth .
YES WE ARE LIVE - Join us  AT 10:15 am - IT IS EASY AND LIKE TV 




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July 30th  "The Most Important Conversation" Practitioner Sunday,  

with Music by  Christina Veronica and Cassie Morris

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